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Halibut with Lemon Dill Sauce

Ingredients: (Serves 2) 2 halibut fillets, 1/2 tablespoon oil, 1/2 tablespoon butter, 1 shallot (chopped), 1 cloves garlic (chopped), 1/2 cup of white wine, 2 tablespoons capers, 1 tablespoon butter, 1 lemon (zest and juice), 2 tablespoons of dill or parsley (chopped) salt and pepper to taste.


  1. Heat the oil and melt the butter in a pan.
  2. Season the halibut with salt and pepper.
  3. Add the halibut to the pan, cook until lightly golden brown on both sides, 3-5 minute per side.
  4. Set the halibut aside.
  5. Add the shallots to the pan and sauté until tender, about 3-5 minutes.
  6. Add the garlic and sauté until fragrant, about 1 minute.
  7. Add the white wine and deglaze the pan.
  8. Simmer to reduce the sauce a bit.
  9. Turn off the heat and add the capers, butter, lemon and dill or parsley.
  10. Serve over your favourite pasta.